This was another fun project with a less-than-satisfying result. The brief here was to create a livery for the “showbird” of the U.S. Navy’s HSC-12 Golden Falcons helicopter squadron. Stationed in Atsugi, Japan, it was decided the design should tie together elements of both the squadron itself and its host country. Thus the Rising Sun featured on some of the proposals, as well as the more subtle Golden Falcon, shaped to recall the unmistakable shape of nearby Mt. Fuji. As the project was nearing completion, however, regulations regarding the colorful paint schemes of “showbirds” of squadrons deployed abroad changed, and that was that. Of all the unselected, failed, aborted or otherwise unused proposals, this one hurt a little bit, as it would have been amazing to see a U.S. Navy aircraft flying with my artwork on its tail, no doubt.