Random clips of me in action, along with links to some storytelling with my friends at VINwiki, where I discussed my best and worst days at work, that time an airplane ran into me (!), how I got the best job in the world and a few other fun stories.

VINwiki Videos

OnCars Director’s Cut: BMW M3

One of my favorite cars from back when I was road test and design editor at OnCars. Also one of my all time favorite M Cars. This was one of the first times we decided to tease the coming week’s video reviews with a Director’s Cut. I still remember reading comments from viewers, lots of whom hated the music and only wanted to hear the S65 M V8. Good times…

Audi R8 Drifting

A quick clip of a day spent destroying rear tires on an Audi R8 at Spring Mountain in Nevada filmimg for OnCars. We spent another day capturing footage at Red Rock National Park with tires that were missing large chunks of rubber, before I got on the highway and drove back home to San Diego with those same tires still on the car… probably not the smartest thing to do. The vibrations from the now-imbalanced tires were pretty crazy at the speed limit, but weirdly went away at “other speeds” 😉

Acura NSX Hot Laps

One of these videos is definitely NSFW, as my passenger developed a temporary case of turrets, letting off several expletives that had me cracking up in the driver’s seat. By contrast, the passenger in the other hot lap video was hootin’ and hollerin’ as if she was on a roller coaster ride, which in a way, I suppose she was. So while some people loved it and others hated it (the thrill of the laps, that is), I fell in love with the new Acura NSX; a car that is massively underrated and much more fun to drive than some of its more well-established competitors.

Acura NSX Commercial Footage

As evidenced by the hot lap videos above, I love drifting the new Acura NSX. Which is why I was so excited to get the call to drive three of them during a week-long shoot, some of which took place at Thunderhill Raceway Park. This is a rough clip from a drone showing some pretty awesome camera work by the Pursuit Systems guys and director Anton Watts working (and swiveling) the camera to perfection.

Acura NSX Commercial Footage

The same shot described above, but from the camera rigged on the Pursuit Systems Porsche Cayenne Turbo’s articulating arm. Much more exciting when viewed from such a low perspective.

Ford GT

Another rough clip shot from the iPhone of one of the producers of The Grand Tour. This was from an amazing week spent driving the new Ford GT at silly speeds in Manhattan and throughout New York on our way to Niagara Falls and back. As you can see from the clip, the highway was open in the opposite direction, while we had a rolling road block with a New York State Trooper well ahead of the hero car and the camera car, and one well behind us while filming.

BMW M3 Drifts

Filmed at Area 27 in British Columbia, this is a quick clip showing off the M3’s propensity for sideways-ness. Since a quick lap often looks slow on film, the director asked for some “excitement” on this particular lap. While this tire-dipping slide didn’t make the cut on this particular episode of The Grand Tour, the next clip did make it.

Ford Raptor on Skidpad

Crudely shot from a coworker’s iPhone while at an undisclosed proving grounds somewhere in the California desert, this clip shows a side of the Ford Raptor not many get to see. This truck definitely has identity issue, wagging its tail on tarmac at any opportunity, as if it’s a BMW M3 or something. Awesome thing.

Nissan GT-R

Another rough clip from the OnCars archives back in 2008. This was shot at California Speedway in Fontana, California before the badass Nissan had hit showrooms. The car’s advanced AWD system was truly impressive, allowing the car to be backed into the corner sideways (as seen here) before powering out – still sideways – on throttle. It was such a privilege to have this car for a week well before it was on the road… one of the perks of that job, for sure.

BMW M3 Hot Lap

One of the best parts of working as an instructor for BMW (as well as other manufacturers) is the end of the day Hot Laps that are usually a part of track programs. This was filmed by the passenger of the following car at The Ridge Motorsports Park outside Seattle, WA – a little known, yet amazing racetrack.

Mazda Ice Academy

A lap around an ice and snow track in Crested Butte, CO used for the Mazda Ice Academy program a few years back. This was such a great event, highlighting the natural balance of the current MX5 Miata (among other exercises with other Mazda models), it’s a shame it didn’t continue beyond the one year.

Tesla Roadster Rides

The acceleration of the upcoming Tesla Roadster will require drivers to reset what they consider to be fast. This video montage is from the launch event for the Tesla Semi, where the Roadster made its surprise reveal, and where I got to give deposit holders rides for a few hours.

McLaren Senna Hot Laps

After working a 1-on-1 delivery with a McLaren Senna owner, I was fortunate enough to spend some time giving hot laps in the car at the owner’s request. Work days don’t get much better.

BMW M Track Days Hot Laps at Monticello Motor Club in NY

A quick clip of me (2nd car) chasing fellow BMW instructor and up and coming racing phenom, Connor Bloum (1st car), while being chased by BMW instructor, racing super stud and all around badass, Rob Stout (3rd car).

BMW M4 Donuts

It’s always fun doing donuts, especially in someone else’s car! Actually, this was shot while filming a BMW-sponsored social media story following two brothers driving across the country in a BMW M4.